Sharing the festive street atmosphere with family, friends and neighbours is a beautiful tradition. Seeing the emotion in people’s eyes and feeling their joyful energy is something that brings a smile to the face of everyone who experiences it.

Neighbourhood festivals have a special energy. As we immerse ourselves in this joyful atmosphere, our steps become lighter, our mind flows towards creativity and adventure, as if awakening the child in all of us, to enjoy the moment.

In the Xivarri Room I invite you to experience a fantastic festival that transcends time and space, inspired on the popular celebrations of Catalonia. Dragons, giants, human towers, street decorations, music, theatre, dance and colours… everything you find at this festival is meant to be enjoyed and shared as a celebration of life.

In the Xivarri room, life is celebrated in every shared smile.

Mina Hamada

Mina Hamada is a Japanese artist, whose work is characterized by abstract and organic forms in soft, bright, and warm colors. Her paintings and drawings are fresh and friendly, personal and sensitive, inviting us into her dreamlike world that combines the West and the East, with a youthful spirit and profound philosophy. She works in a focused manner, exploring unknown fields of painting from the unconscious and improvisation.


Mina Hamada was born in Louisiana, USA, and grew up in Tokyo, Japan, where she studied Design and Illustration at the Sokei Academy of Fine Arts and Design. In Japan, she held her first exhibitions, presenting her handcrafted paintings and storybooks that combine her own drawings and short poems.


In late 2009, she moved to Barcelona, Spain. There, Mina Hamada fell in love with the city’s urban art scene and began experimenting with large-scale murals. At the end of 2011, she met Zosen, and they began collaborating on joint murals, paintings, and screenprints, participating in numerous mural festivals and exhibitions. Mina’s work is exhibited in galleries, institutions, and public spaces throughout Europe, the United States, Latin America, and Asia.