This work is inspired by “Love is blind”, a piece that appeared on Paseo de Gracia during Sant Jordi in 2017, coinciding with the Clásico between Fútbol Club Barcelona and Real Madrid. The work suddenly disappeared, generating controversy and divided opinions about its meaning and legitimacy.

Two years later, the work reappeared at auction in 2019. TVBOY demanded that the proceeds go to an NGO it collaborates with to authenticate it, but the person who owned it refused, leaving it without a signature or authentication.

This work takes up the iconic theme of Messi and Ronaldo, depicted hugging and kissing. The piece has a poetic touch that includes Messi holding a rose and Ronaldo with a book. The book and the rose represent culture and love, the central elements of the celebration of Sant Jordi’s day.

L’amor és cec


TVBOY, pseudonym of Salvatore Benintende, was born in Palermo, Italy, in 1980. After studying Design at the Politecnico di Milano, he continued his training at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Bilbao. Upon completing his studies, he established himself in Barcelona, where he began his career as a Street Artist under the name TVBOY.


Since then, he has exhibited in museums, galleries, and streets worldwide, establishing himself as one of the most acclaimed urban artists. Among his recent exhibitions are the Museu Mudec in Milan and the Disseny Hub in Barcelona.