VJYourself! is an interactive installation that merges dance and audiovisual media in a unique and immersive way. Developed with state-of-the-art technology, this work explores the relationship between the movement of the body and its visual representation.

We invite you to dive into an experience where your own dance becomes an art form in itself, by being repeated, composed and choreographed by effects of time and repetition. Dancing to the rhythm of the music, you will see your movements reflected and reinterpreted virtually, creating constantly changing visual compositions.

VJYourself! Let’s dance!


Playmodes is a visual research studio that combines creativity, software, and hardware to create immersive installations, projection mapping, digital scenography, audiovisual instruments, and sound design.

Their innovative approach, attention to detail, and desire to tell stories leads the studio to consider projects from all perspectives, creating unique works that resonate across different cultures.

Playmodes enjoys experimenting with new formats, working with open-source tools, and collaborating with people from around the world to deliver innovative projects.

The studio is passionate about art, music, science, code, and nature, and they share this passion by giving lectures and workshops at universities, schools, and institutions.