This immersive installation is an ode to Catalonia’s cultural wealth and its most vibrant traditions. Through CGI technology and the most advanced 360° recording equipment, we have managed to encapsulate in a single space, celebrations that have inspired successive generations. As the epicentre of the experience, and thanks to virtual reality, you can immerse yourself in the legend of Sant Jordi (Saint George and the dragon), ascend to the top of a castell or dance among the fireworks and sparks of a correfoc. All this with the aim of offering a unique perspective, typical of those lucky enough to experience these traditions first-hand. Get ready to witness an authentic manifestation of catalan creativity.

Immersive experiences that transform.

Seeds XR

SEEDS XR utilizes immersive technologies such as virtual or mixed reality to create unique experiences with a significant and enriching impact for people. In their creations, the fusion of art and technology transforms culture into an exciting and participatory adventure. To achieve this, they have a diverse multidisciplinary team including storytellers, psychologists, neuroscientists, cutting-edge technologists, creative producers, innovative artists, and visionary designers. Together, they work to create memorable experiences that become transformative turning points in the lives of participants.