Random Tribes is a game of identities. Rejecting the most clichéd stereotypes, I have tried to represent the most contemporary and common urban tribes, with a light mixture of styles in each character.

The love I have for artistic creation as an inventor of new worlds, has made me treat each sculpture as a new life, giving it identity and personality individually.

In them, features subtly stand out that become familiar as they are shaped, and that I can recognize in any space in Barcelona. My characters live in the next music festival, the hustle and bustle of the beach on an August morning, in the station where your train home leaves from, or in the supermarket queue where you make your last purchase of the day.

At Random Tribes, each sculpture is a life, a unique identity reflecting the diversity of contemporary urban tribes found in every corner of the city.

Carles Piera

Carles Piera is a sculptor from Empordà, born in Barcelona in 1985. Carles dedicated most of his childhood developing as an artist, and after completing his university studies in Arts and Design at Escola Massana in 2010, he specialized in modeling and sculpture at Escola Llotja in 2011.

His workshop, located in Montcada Reixac, is the epicenter of his frenetic work rhythm, where he constantly explores and enriches his plastic language. He organizes his work into thematic series that evolve over time, providing him with a way to express himself and satisfy his creative needs. Mastering a wide range of techniques, from forging to programmed lighting systems, Carles constantly incorporates new tools according to the demands of his art.

His work has been presented in various group exhibitions, such as Drap Art at the CCCB in Barcelona, and in solo exhibitions in prominent cultural spaces, including the Museum of the Mediterranean in Torroella de Montgrí and the Mutuo Gallery in Barcelona. Since 2012, he has actively collaborated with galleries and museums to exhibit his work nationally and internationally.