La Fura dels Baus and Barcelona: an energetic and transcendent relationship with the city that opened us to the world. Inspired by this vital bond and the DNA of the Fura language, we create works that take the show and the audience to another level.

A milestone was the inaugural ceremony of the Barcelona Olympics in ’92, leaving more than 3,5 billion viewers amazed.

Even today, we break the fourth wall so that our audience is the protagonist in the first person. Transgression, innovation, visceralness, and eccentricity; all with a clear philosophy: the navel of everything is the human being, who brings our sculptures and constructions to life. Impactful images for memory that create an imaginary that never leaves our audience indifferent.

In our room, immerse yourself and interact to feel our essence, relive the Olympics or see in action some of our most emblematic elements that have left their mark on Barcelona and the world. Activate all your senses, and feel how you will be the blood, the heart, and the center of our universe.

The total work of art is when the fusion of theater, music, language, visual art, are all one. When the audience lives an unforgettable experience that engages all our senses at once.


La Fura dels Baus is a company with over 3,500 performances across 4 continents, seen by more than 4 million spectators. Since its foundation in 1979, it has constantly pushed the boundaries in performing arts, impacting both critics and audiences internationally.

In its early years, between 1979 and 1983, La Fura stood out for its street theater interventions, evolving towards a total spectacle theatrical concept. Its unique approach involved interaction with the space during performances, consequently establishing the characteristic “Fura language.”

From the 1990s onward, the company diversified its work, venturing into theater, opera, and large-scale events. The opening ceremony of the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, viewed by over 3.5 billion people, marked a milestone in its history.